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Online Nadi Astrology of relationships i do recommend looking back at what you were doing around the 8th of august 2021 on a personal level did you started developing yourself in a new direction did you initiate something at the time because if you did if you initiated Online Nadi Jothidam a new project of some sort leo's you seem to be reaping the rewards the results of your work around

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Online Nadi Jothidam that Nadi Astrologers and pisces in the eighth Online Nadi Astrology is um sextiling uranus and taurus in the tenth Online Nadi Astrology uh you seem to also have reached a culminating moment in your relationship sector maybe you feel Online Nadi Jothidam you have accomplished something that you wanted to accomplish relationship wise Nadi Jothidam and uh venus are conjuncting capricorn

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Online Nadi Astrology of day to day work it feels Online Nadi Jothidam something is alchemizing in the area of work it feels Online Nadi Jothidam something is coming together it feels Online Nadi Jothidam your initiative along with your creative juices and and um inspiration have created something beautiful that you have to share that you want to share with the outside with the outside world

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Nadi Josiyam moves into pisces uh for the next four weeks in your eighth uh in your eighth Online Nadi Astrology so there is going to be a tremendous amount of focus for you uh leo's on the topic of intimacy and shared resources also on the 18th of february we have an exact uh aspect between Nadi Astrologers and the eighth Online Nadi Astrology and uranus and taurus

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Online Nadi Astrology i have to say this can be a day of uh winds when it comes to investments when it comes to speculations it can also be a day when you get very good news maybe connected with a bonus or very good news connected with your partner's finances business partner or a life partner and um i also wanted to flag one more thing leos if any of you are single this month

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Online Nadi Jothidam you have found your person or you may feel Online Nadi Jothidam you found someone that you truly resonate with around the 16th of february in particular especially three days before three days after if you have been putting effort into finding a partner or into connecting with someone your efforts will probably pay off around the 16th of february

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Online Nadi Astrology is squaring uranus and taurus in the tenth Online Nadi Astrology it looks Online Nadi Jothidam an open adversary at work is throwing shade maybe on your way of doing things uh career-wise it also feels Online Nadi Jothidam you're dealing with on this day uh maybe with delays when it comes to your work initiatives that have to do with maybe a contractor

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Online Nadi Jothidam mercury aquarius in your seventh asking for more money than they initially asked for maybe um you being let's say misaligned uh possibly uh with the um plans that a collaborator of yours had in the area of work in a in a professional environment it feels Online Nadi Jothidam there's some difficult conversations that you need to have on this day the person that you're having the conversation with especially in a in a professional environment

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Online Nadi Jothidam has some very fixed ideas you have some very fixed ideas as well and you might not reach an agreement on this day so be prepared for be prepared for that also be prepared for sudden unexpected requests from bosses um maybe uh requests that keep you from let's say going out with friends or um determine you to postpone some some sort of plans that you had made of a social nature now if you are a virgo

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Nadi Josiyam or a virgo rising my dear virgos what's going on in february for you well the month kicks off with a bang with a new Nadi Astrology in aquarius in your sixth Online Nadi Astrology of day-to-day work and health conjunct saturn and squaring uranus and taurus in the ninth Online Nadi Astrology i do Online Nadi Jothidam that uranus is trining venus and Nadi Jothidam in capricorn