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Nadi Astrology in your seventh Online Nadi Astrology of partnerships and committed relationships on the first of february three days before three days after conjunct saturn and square uranus and taurus in the 10th Online Nadi Astrology it looks Online Nadi Jothidam uh at this new Nadi Astrology my dear leos you are probably agreeing to enter a partnership

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that will literally bring more responsibilities onto your plate more work for you to do it looks Online Nadi Jothidam you agree to maybe do something for the partner that requires effort in the long run you could agree for instance to work on your relationship on a new way this is also a time when you may sign some sort of uh business uh partnership maybe with someone that let's say you know doesn't necessarily have the exact vision of the industry

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that you're working in as you have so you know this partnership is a bit of a wild card this agreement may not necessarily be the most flowing and smooth and easy to maintain agreement on the other hand on the other hand it does look Online Nadi Jothidam it is a contract an agreement a partnership that will help you advance your career in the long run i Online Nadi Jothidam the fact that on the day of the new Nadi Astrology uranus and taurus

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your 10th Online Nadi Astrology is trining venus and Nadi Jothidam in capricorn in the sixth Online Nadi Astrology of day-to-day work on the fourth of february mercury goes out of retrograde in your sixth Online Nadi Astrology hallelujah finally so you can breathe easily because uh there will probably be a less misunderstandings less miscommunication at work maybe a project that was delayed at work

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Moving forward finally it feels Online Nadi Jothidam mentally you're going to be relieved as to how a specific work project advances also if you've been having a disagreement maybe with a colleague or if you've been finding it difficult to collaborate with a team at work things are becoming easier after the 4th of february i Online Nadi Jothidam the fourth of february because Nadi Jothidam in capricorn

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Online Nadi Astrology is sex selling Nadi Astrologers and pisces in the eighth Online Nadi Astrology so if you have been dealing with maybe inflammation in the body if you have been fighting maybe some sort of physical ailment for for the past uh three weeks to a month now it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you are overcoming whatever was bothering you what whatever issue you were having health-wise

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Online Nadi Jothidam you have discovered the source of the problem the root cause of the problem 8th of february one of the best days of the month uh Nadi Jothidam and capron in your sixth Online Nadi Astrology is trining uranus and taurus in the tenth Online Nadi Astrology uh this is a day to work independently on something exciting career-wise it is also a day to act courageously in the direction of your long-term plans career-wise

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Online Nadi Jothidam you are in new territory in a new territory altogether but this feels super exciting this can also be a time when you feel Online Nadi Jothidam you have won again there's this element of victory that Nadi Jothidam brings to the table when you feel Online Nadi Jothidam you've won something in a professional environment after fighting an uphill battle to maybe finalize some documents contracts to uh agree on something of a legal nature maybe with with stakeholders this can also be a day when you make tremendous progress on a slow-moving project at work

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Online Nadi Jothidam maybe something that takes you by surprise maybe you discover that possibly someone was going behind your back let's say maybe undermining your work you could also find why things were slowing down or things weren't progressing in a work environment during the retrograde of mercury between the middle of february the middle of january my apologies

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Online Nadi Jothidam you have uncovered maybe the the hidden kind of Online Nadi Jothidam skeleton in the closet or the source of poisoning almost on this on this day and it's good to know it's good to know what you're dealing with or what you dealt with on the 16th of february three days before three days after you have a full Nadi Astrology in your first Online Nadi Astrology but also triggering your seventh