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Nadi Jothidam is the name of an ‘exact science’ by which all details about a person can be told by consulting palm-leaf inscriptions attributed to Agastya Muni, a very famous ancient Sage from the South. Nadi Astrology, a form of astrology borne in the Hindu culture in India, is one of the oldest forms of predictive astrology. In the Hindu culture, Nadi Astrology has become more popular with South Indian people.

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Nadi astrology is a very useful astrological system. The information available here on Nadi astrology is the most authentic and therefore reliable source of information and knowledge about this ancient science. Nadi Astrology is the Hindu system that uses the nakshatra at the time of birth to determine your personality. Your nakshatra influences your career, health, etc.

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Nadi astrology is an ancient Indian science which has its roots in Vedic wisdom. It was lost to the world for a long time and recovered from oblivion by the efforts of Maharishi Bhrigu. Nadi astrology cannot be done without the client's horoscope which is the sole basis for prediction.

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Nadi is a Tamil word, which basically means "in search of". It originates from the Sanskrit root “nad”, meaning "accompaniment", and the Tamil nadi has many meanings: to flow, to move in a stream, to join and to take part. Though there are nearly a thousand different Nadi texts.

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Nadi is astrological reading by Indian Nadi Astrologers especially from a place called Vaitheeswaran Koil, Natham, Chidambaram in Tamilnadu. Nadi is read by Nadi Astrologers in all around the world which are translated by Indian Nadi Astrologers in places like Vaitheeswaran Koil, etc. These nadi readers are well experienced nadi astrologers.

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Nadi is a Tamil word, which basically means "in search of", where individuals go in search of their Nadi astrologer. As per Nadi Astrology, every individual has a specific nadi and each nadi is represented by separate palm leaves (olai chuvadi). These palm leaves have been stored for thousands of years in the form of bundles in certain collections.

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Nadi astrology is an ancient predictive science based on palm leaves supposedly discovered by Agasthya muni, a great seer in Hinduism. It has been handed down through generations by word of mouth. There are three types of astrological calculations (1) Jathaka porutham, 2) Dynamic Predictions or Predictions based on Vimshottari dasha system and 3) Nati Porutham or Nadi Porutham.

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Till recently, people had to go to the places where the Nadi available in originals and it had to be read by them with the help of a trained expert called Nadi-Astro-Reader. Now these documents are getting converted into image files so that they could save these documents digitally and transfer them to any place across the globe without having to break the continuity of work.

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Nadi is the most accurate science to forecast the future. Nadi Astrologers are very much interested in searching and tracing the family history and recording the events of past life. This is done by finding thumb impression on palm leaf manuscripts

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Nadi Astrology tells us that we all made individual destinies before incarnation. And Nadi astrological predictions are the explanation of that destiny. Our ancestors have told us that they have seen everything that is going to happen in our lives. We call them Original Naadi, known as Akashic Records in other countries. Nowadays, there are many Nadi Astrologers all over the world who reads Nadi, but it's neither original nor accurate.