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Online Nadi Jothidam to june Online Nadi Astrologer otherwise it's a very positive one Online Nadi Astrology will also be transiting your Online Nadi Astrology house and it is going to be looking at your sixth house so any kind of litigation any kind of complications you're having in relationship that will also be resolved and it will take care of your eighth house so your health is going to be very good as well um you have to purchase property so you can do that as well when Online Nadi Astrology transits through your Online Nadi Astrology

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House so here it is looking at your fifth Online Nadi Astrology is still april it's going to be here so it is definitely going to give you childbirth as well if you are looking at so Nadi the best is do hanuman charlie every day that is going to really help you and enhance your power and your growth okay coming to the next time for the annual predictions for taurus natives so for tourist natives this year is going to be really positive for you Nadi for two three reasons so you have to check the venus's transit first of all

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Rahu ketu are leaving your one seven axis and will be transiting out of the zone and will be transiting to your 12 6 12 axis and Online Nadi Astrology will be also transferring through the positive houses this year so for you people Nadi Online Nadi Astrology is also leaving its 9 000 entering the tenth house which is your yoga kara so definitely very very positive and it's going to be giving you some major elevation at the place where you're working where the place where you are living maybe some change in your relationship

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Chemistry bonding is also going to get better venus enters um Nadi you know venus will be entering sagittarius um and will be there obviously it's there when i'm making this Online Nadi Jothidam so it is going to be in retrogression in one second this is february once again okay so Nadi venus is in retrogression and is going to be in retrogression till the Nadi until the next Online Nadi Joshiyam so it is going to get direct and is going to give good results to you when it enters capricorn sign

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Because it's in the eighth house so from the Online Nadi Astrologer of february till march 31st is a very good time to make major decisions regarding your love love life relationship travels buying a purchasing of property land this is definitely going to give you all that acquiring knowledge also is quite likely so make a note of the dates and then um venus will be transiting good houses again it will be exhorted also so when venus enters Nadi the aquarius sign on march 31st Nadi till april Online Nadi Astrologer

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So this is the time when you will feel quite a lot of changes coming in at the place of work some relationship initiation or proposing somebody is also quite likely at the place of work so being the lag nation the tenth house it is definitely very positive for your personal growth also Nadi some elevation ah maybe some recognition Nadi chemistry bonding with people will enhance Nadi venus will get exhorted in the pisces sign from april Online Nadi Astrologer to may 23rd

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And this is the time when you will be having a lot of future prospects related to your financials growth travels in case you're planning any journeys you will be doing that and you will be successful in all the endeavors though it is the um you know it rules the eighth house from here but it is definitely going to be giving you some Nadi transformational energy for that reason so make a note of this when venus is in pisces sign when venus joins Nadi rahu on the Nadi you know may 23rd till june 18th this is the time when you have to be careful about people who can backstab you Nadi there can be some relationship issues

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You can go through do not initiate any kind of business during this time or relationship you will meet somebody from the past some ex and that will actually spoil the current situation so you have to be very picky very choosy you have to be very careful be on alert when venus is transiting every sign that is going to happen from may 23rd till june 18 when rahu and venus will be concerned together it will be giving you a lot of expenditures on female counterparts some travels long distance journeys

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Maybe you leave the country and are posted somewhere else all that can happen during this time expenditures you have to really cut down maybe there are very unfrivolous kind of things you're going to buy so be careful venus will be taurus from june 18th till july 13th so this is the time when you will be having a lot of changes in your own self you will feel that you want to change your appearance you want to work on yourself you want to look good you want to try out a new look Nadi

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Maybe you're going to be going in for some self-grooming all that is quite likely when venus would be transiting through your once first house in taurus and then venus will be in your second house gemini from july 13th to august Online Nadi Jothidam and that's the time and you will be working through your financials well you'll be having a cordial relation with your family members some litigation maybe you have to you're going to get resolved people are going to be understanding you relationship wise it's a very good transit and financial growth is definitely on cards when it's in gemini and pisces sign