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Online Nadi Jothidam it's now or never it's Online Nadi Jothidam i'm either going to do this or i'm never going to do it this is it you may also realize that you need to reevaluate your budget and maybe cut some cut out of it some expenses that are not mandatory that are not essential let's say because you have extra duties and responsibilities maybe towards a child that's possible you might also decide to reevaluate your budget and to make a new budget for the year ahead

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because you want to maybe dedicate yourself more to making money out of an activity that you enjoy doing but now you're thinking how much money am i going to make out of it i need to be careful with my expenses i need to be cautious and and so on i need to focus on the essentials i need to have money saved aside so you generally take money very seriously capricorns and uh the 3d material reality as do all earth signs or people who have a very strong earth quality it feels Online Nadi Jothidam

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you're taking this sort of um responsible approach to finances one step further and you're Online Nadi Jothidam okay i need to have a plan it needs to be long term what are my goals what am i trying to achieve here what is uh unessential when it comes to expenses what can i eliminate you seem to be very excited on the other hand at the time of this new Nadi Astrology because uh uranus and taurus in your fifth Online Nadi Astrology of creative self-expression of fun of enjoyment of passions of hobbies is forming a harmonious aspect with venus

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and Nadi Jothidam in capricorn in your first Online Nadi Astrology of identity so indeed i see you for instance becoming much more aware of what you enjoy doing and also deciding to reevaluate maybe what you spend your money on what you spend your time on um what you allocate your resources to because the second Online Nadi Astrology is indeed the Online Nadi Astrology of income

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but it's also the Online Nadi Astrology of values of what we value so you're going through a process of re-evaluating what you allocate your energy and resources to 4th of february very good day because mercury goes out of retrograde yay finally uh mercury has been retrograde uh from the middle of january and actually from the 26th of january until the fourth of february

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was uh moving through your first Online Nadi Astrology mercury for you capricorns rules your sixth Online Nadi Astrology and your ninth Online Nadi Astrology you might have been feeling a little bit confused from the last week of january until the 4th of february as to where you're headed work-wise you might have also had to deal with an old health-related issue maybe something that has to do with your physical body

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you may have had a relapse in terms of let's say unhealthy habits so i'm going to give you an example maybe you decided to quit smoking but throughout the mercury retrograde you felt Online Nadi Jothidam you really had to go back to that habit from the past because it was something that made you feel Online Nadi Jothidam yourself we don't realize until we are faced with very strong emotions uh because of uh withdrawal uh symptoms or withdrawal syndrome we don't realize how attached we are and how much comfort we get out of our habits

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so you might have felt the need to go back to an old habit healthy or unhealthy when mercury was restored in your first Online Nadi Astrology it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you're getting a lot more cloudy as to whether this is really you or not um after mercury goes out of retrograde and it probably isn't if it wasn't your past then it was probably in your past for a reason you might have also uh reconsidered some of your work objectives throughout the mercury retrograde period

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and from the fourth of february onwards it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you have more clarity as to where you're headed next work wise i Online Nadi Jothidam the fact that morrison capricorn in your first Online Nadi Astrology is sex-selling Nadi Astrologers and pisces in the third Online Nadi Astrology on the 4th of february it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you want to say something to the outside world you want to communicate something

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very important about who you are and who you have become you've had a lot of um personal uh doubt to deal with probably my dear capricorns especially capricorn risings as venus was going retrograde in your first Online Nadi Astrology of identity as mercury was going retrograde and it triggered this part of your this part of your chart you may have felt Online Nadi Jothidam