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Online Nadi Astrology know you you are assigned certain tasks you are not able to complete you are thinking of things which can give you um you know your attitude towards life is changing with Online Nadi Jothidam in the eighth Online Nadi Astrology so there's a lot of Nadi Jothidam confusion is there you get lured by the and you know by the glittery world but ultimately you feel that that was not the right choice

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that was not the right way to think also so you have to be really careful about that as well um thank you okay so uh Online Nadi Jothidam will be transiting ultimately lastly to your ninth Online Nadi Astrology learn more enjoy life go out for dinner with your partner go out with your family if you don't have a partner you're single you should actually mix with your friends with your friend with your family everybody has somebody so you just see how you can uh you know just you know open up with people

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and help others help others that's something you know i keep telling everyone because that's that's something you know which actually helps you that this therapy it's very it's a very good therapy if you see others in spain and you just try helping them out it's not that you have to help them monetarily always it's about the mental level how you can psychologically you know help them support them

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so that is very important and you being a sign which is peace loving which is mixing harmonious sign relationship oriented sign you are not those kinds who will seclude yourself you want people around you you want to talk to people and this is the week when you will be actually Sivanadi Astrology is also in your third Online Nadi Astrology so you will be communicating a lot you will be conveying and listening to people

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that is a clue and fro you know connectivity which is both ways so you are going to be mutually uh discussing your problems and finding solutions as well so by the end of the week you feel that you are have gained something rather than being a loser so saturn in that is the fourth Online Nadi Astrology transit of saturn which is you know obviously since january 2020

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so that is the kantaka sunny for you so that is actually you know blocking the energies you're not able to um move from your place where you are so you're stuck you feel stranded a lot of work a lot of work you you're just too overloaded work and pisces sign is also afflicted i made another video of that uh for sagittarius and pisces i will definitely be sharing with you sure you know this week

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i will try to so uh the predictive for the next year of course so what happens you know you are uh trying to work out you're not able to you're trying to do focus on something you're not able to this blocking Nadi Jothidam of keto and saturn is just you know too much for you to handle so that's why i'm saying just flow with the flow listen to others listen to others this problem

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be more receptive that will help you grow as a person as well okay so there is always a practical remedy attached to the you know to to everybody each and every chart all the signs so you should actually try and figure out what the Nadi Astrologyare trying to convey to you when the Nadi Astrologyare saying that this is what is uh this is the zone which is getting you know active so you have to work through those energies and activate that particular

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Online Nadi Astrology or sign even more okay so son is going to be leaving your second Online Nadi Astrology transiting your third Online Nadi Astrology will give you a lot of courage boldness to speak to make Sivanadi Astrology um or maybe you know work through the energies related to your you know your journeys related to your siblings neighbors

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you're going to be working through those areas as well very positive transits and transiting out of the eclipse zone is definitely very positive Sivanadi Astrology is going to turn retrograde your lagness is turning retrograde something to do with your past life you have to quit Sivanadi Astrology getting retrograde means that you have to quit the karma of your relationship you have to quit that karma of your financials you have to uh cut down your expenditures okay