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Online Nadi Jothidam do not get involved in a Online Nadi Jothidam this week until and unless you feel un comfortable and confident about that person date that person spend some time and then go ahead with it okay you will come across for sure somebody and uh this week you will be organizing everything maybe you will be starting a fitness regime you'll be starting some uh you know some diet plan uh and you will be organizing your calendar also what exactly you want to do in the future what exactly are you heading to all that you're going to be deciding

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Online Nadi Jothidam signing of documents you can do that as well this week but do it before the um 11th before the 11th if you can do it before the 11th it will be better okay 7 to 11 is a good time for doing all the all those things don't seclude yourself much if you want to write a poetry write a book do it by the end of the week start something which you have to from a long time which is pending write maintain a journal

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Online Nadi Astrology also it's a very good week to initiate these things by the end of the week you will be doing that okay so i'm giving you the dates uh on the seventh especially uh there can be that you are going to be uh talking with your partner in a very serious manner and you will be making certain Sivanadi Astrology this week uh also not a good time for uh you know maybe uh with your sister you can have a quick argument

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Online Nadi Astrology and then you know you will have regrets later so just avoid seventh eighth because eighth will be little aggressive you can get with your siblings sister or your brother also you know or maybe you know your neighbors you can have some quick uh short fights and then arguments and then they can land up to bigger troubles so be careful seventh eighth also uh ninth also i would say take take it easy you know with on the people people can be very authoritative

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Online Nadi Jthidam and then you uh don't get those kinds of uh you know results are not not that kind of uh chemistry and bonding with them you know that you get out of those so be careful when you're talking to people and ninth you have to maybe you know make Sivanadi Astrology regarding your uh your work some major Sivanadi Astrology will be coming in from the is the time when you will have some travel plans

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Online Nadi Jothidam you're making and you're going to be Astrology Centre somebody uh as well some major Sivanadi Astrology regarding your inheritance is also coming your way especially on the 11th 12th and 13th if you have to then just uh you know like file some lawsuit or you know inheritance or fixed assets if you want to talk about that with your parents so you you will be doing it by the end or by these 11 12 13 other dates when you will be doing it and uh 12 13 is very good for bonding with your partner as well for education initiation

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Online Nadi Jothidam education also is quite likely okay in case you have to file for the loans you can do it on the 11 12 13 okay i think i have covered all the areas uh coming to the next sign that is leo for leo natives Nadi Astrology is going to be transiting your 9th 10th and 11th Online Nadi Astrology and this is the week when you will be forming good connection with the overseas people you'll be forming good connections with your clients clients and initiation of a partnership business

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Online Nadi Astrology in case you have to michael has gotten direct very positive for enhancing your wealth growth prospects on cards people are not able to understand you you're putting a lot of effort but people are not going to be understanding you for sure you're feeling quite detached also this whole week long you're quite detached the energy is quite detaching and you feel that you know you're putting a lot of effort but the results are not as per your efforts

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Online Nadi Astrology they're delayed they're frustrating slow so you are quite frustrated this week of course bosses and seniors are supportive of you but you know they being supportive is not going to help you you need people you need force you need team around you to work so you're feeling that you know the the the helping hand is less so you need some support system so just uh just talk to them and maybe you will get some uh relief there as well uh not a good time for initiation of any kind of romance

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Online Nadi Astrology uh thinking of uh uh you know talking to the person you're proposing to the person is not likely in the initial initial part of the week you can do that in case you have to propose to somebody then you can do it on the 11th 12th or 13th that's a very good time in fact you will be traveling or maybe you will come across somebody in troubles so 11 12 13 are good times to meet your friends or maybe somebody from your friend's circle you'll be coming across uh there is a likelihood that there is some confusion