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Online Nadi Astrology gotta tell you this is probably one of those cases where you're called to agree to disagree and that is ferry for you my dear aries if you are a tourist son or a tourist rising uh Online Nadi Astrology for you mostly revolves around the topic of career and uh being in the spotlight being in the limelight on the first of februarians three days before three days after you have a new Nadi Astrology in aquarius in your 10th house it is conjunct saturn the planet of discipline the planet of hard work

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Online Nadi Astrology the planet of labor the planet of external obstacles as well and it is squaring uranus and taurus in the first house now for some of you taurians this new Nadi Astrology may bring a new boss into your life a new leader in your life it may also bring your way more responsibilities at work more pressure it may feel like you are rising in rank career-wise

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Online Nadi Astrology also a lot of pressure on your shoulders and that might make you feel like you're a little bit possibly trapped and maybe you also don't have that much freedom to do what you want to do to pursue what you want to pursue career-wise because there's a lot of external kind of um rules that you need to take into account that you need to adhere to you may also feel a little bit burdened by existing traditions and outdated ways

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Online Nadi Jothidam doing things in a career environment it is a new beginning for you career-wise it does seem to con for you probably more authority but on the other hand there is this sort of like pressure that you're feeling what i like about this new Nadi Astrology is that uh at the time of the new Nadi Astrology uh uranus in your first house is training venus and mars and capricorn in the ninth house maybe this is a time when you are receiving the opportunity to work with people

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Online Nadi Jothidam overseas or work in an international environment or collaborate with the teams across the globe that is certainly a possibility but the pressure is on you are feeling it and you're gonna have to be very serious if you want to rise up to the occasion uh taurus the good part is that you're naturally quite serious who am i talking about um i i have so many taureans in my life and you're the biggest jokers like folks think that gemini is the joker but no taurus is a bigger joker

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Online Nadi Astrology we have mercury going out of retrograde in your ninth house aim into that and mars and capricorn in the ninth house sextiling jupiter and online Nadi Jothidam in the eleventh house okay so if you have been experiencing delays in terms of in terms of traveling in terms of uh getting the results of your exams in terms of entering into university in terms of moving forward with your studies in terms of legal matters trials

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Online Nadi Astrology because um mars sex selling jupiter makes me think that uh you are obtaining some sort of wind exams wise travel wise in a legal environment it feels like the effort that you've been putting in one of these areas of your life is paying off and it also feels like there's someone that wants to help you there's someone that wants to um make the path easier for you to move forward

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Online Nadi Astrology on the 8th of Online Nadi Astrology one of the best best days of Online Nadi Astrology mars in capricorn in the ninth house is training uranus and taurus in the fifth in the first house in your first house of identity of personality and of new beginnings time to travel time to make plans to travel time to score a win in the legal sphere also time to initiate something that has to do with advancing your studies that has to do maybe with obtaining a visa a certificate

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Online Nadi Jothidam connected with um immigration and so on you may need to be very bold and going after what you want but mars supports you and uh also you have that your uranium kind of electric energy about you that makes you just kind of like hit the bullseye bad so i like this sounds like a victory to me it also sounds like a new beginning in one of these areas you seem to have like tremendous inspiration on this day when it comes to traveling legal matters

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Online Nadi Astrology uh mercury is conjunct pluto in capricorn in your ninth house this is something that happened also on the 29th of january have a think about what was going on um in the area of uh education um in the area of long distance travel in the area of how you make sense of reality because you could receive new information or hidden information that was buried is coming to the surface in these areas it looks like something is revealed