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Online Nadi Joshiyam your first child first child running 18 or 19. your first child is 18 or 19. your first child your oldest child is 17 or 18 years old no more more than 18 more than 18. Online Nadi Joshiyam studying now the first child is studying like going for college university like this is your oldest child at the university studying now uh what do you call this uh no uh you mean university shim right yeah no no Online Nadi Joshiyam

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Online Nadi Joshiyam is the last letter in your husband's name and end as in november yes correct one letter Online Nadi Joshiyam is your Nadi Astrology self-employed like works for himself at times yes yeah sometimes yeah yes sometimes sometimes okay that means also he has job and also being doing business yes yes so he has two streams of income is that what he means two streams of income he's working in trading like construction yes trade transfection related transactions

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Online Nadi Jothidam is it construction or real estate related it is yes correction no is there a court issue at the moment no legal loan debt credit more do you have an outstanding you have outstanding money do you owe somebody money that could be a loan a mortgage a car lease a credit card debt is one of those yes then it's correct gm yes correct okay thank you you're born in the end

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Online Nadi Joshiyam the Nadi Astrology has any health Astrology Centre for the husband that is any health problem does your husband have any heart health Astrology Centre or Online Nadi Jothidam Online Nadi Jothidam's anyone having health Astrology Centre health problems can we help health Astrology Centre could also be allergies something that's chronic no no no thank god you're having any idea to travel abroad

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Online Nadi Joshiyam you're thinking our plan is to do any spiritual work for others like doing any healing or therapy yes Online Nadi Joshiyam you um do you learn vedic astrology i just dabble but i'm not let's say yes yes yeah if you dabble it's okay Online Nadi Joshiyam i was thinking it but i'm not going to so like she was thinking about it i was thinking that i still haven't done it to buy any property you're having any idea man or are you thinking of buying a property

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Online Nadi Jothidam kind of like yeah maybe uh the last five years when there was any money lost any property lost money lost foreign no did you lose any money in the last five years or it can be any surgery any operation surgery action like it happened for him no Online Nadi Joshiyam that sounded fun that one doctors are studying numbers going for school or college who's going to school or college my daughters yes Online Nadi Joshiyam

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Online Nadi Joshiyam yes Online Nadi Joshiyam yes yes Online Nadi Joshiyam yes Online Nadi Joshiyam Online Nadi Joshiyam yes he's doing any studies now yes the first thought of doing any science education arts creativity science medicine psychology yes Online Nadi Joshiyam special specific education general general studies general education yes the second child second second daughter yeah second daughter first daughter in the Online Nadi Astrology

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Nadi Astrology boyfriend she she did so at the moment she does not have you mean right she doesn't it's just broken up no boyfriend at the moment she's you're born in 1962 madam no 63 1963 yes you're born in 1963 yes after three a.m morning morning that means three a.m no after one am after 1 o'clock Online Nadi Joshiyam your plan isn't to write any articles books articles like that you are thinking to do are you thinking of writing any articles or books madam

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Online Nadi Jothidam to change your living placement if you like to move or you like to change your living face i like to change mine are you thinking are you thinking of moving are you thinking of moving madam oh no no no check you have a good relation with your sisters oh no not no no no no no Online Nadi Joshiyam hello Online Nadi Joshiyam yes Online Nadi Joshiyam yes is it in human resources that you work at madam no or i mean you're working administration

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Online Nadi Centre administration that's correct yes okay Online Nadi Centre yeah yes correct in Online Nadi Centre your work is administration i mean do you do some admin work within your job madam purely Online Nadi Centre it's all Online Nadi Centre it's purely Online Nadi Centre yeah it's all Online Nadi Centre then no shield it's only Online Nadi Centre that she does you're following any teacher any master from asia asia or from india there is a spiritual mentor teacher for him is your mentor from asia or india