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Nadi Jothidam Centre so be careful some revelations will be made some mysterious things can come up mercury will be in your taurus sign that is your and also eighth Nadi Astrology Centre energy uh this is the time when uh from april 8 to april 25th uh mercury will be conjunct rahu also so this can be a lot of confusion kind of a phase also because and health related to skin rashes as i said can happen so get the treatment correct kind of treatment mercury will be in taurus sign from 25th april to 2nd of july so long transit so this is the time when you will be making a lot of uh decisions you can make decisions regarding your travels pr visa regarding your father maybe forming a connectivity with a guru acquiring knowledge all that is going to enhance you're going to be a free world person you know you're going to be planning everything well

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Palm Leaf Astrologyly because it is after all the relationship sign in scorpio november 13th to december 3rd and that's the time when you will have a lot of courage to speak up your mind or maybe there will be some latent anger you know inside you during this time which uh erupts Palm Leaf Astrology a volcano so make sure that you do not get into that zone okay that's why this is uh Palm Leaf Astrology preparing you also there can be some um connectivity issues with your uh siblings if you have any co bonds or with your neighbors you can have some complication or maybe the neighbors are actually having a lot of uh you know they they're they're jealous of you or they're uh conspiring against you or something you know to do with your co-workers

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They are doing something they are planning scheming something so be be more cautious be more on alert when these kind of scenario happen uh also mercury is going to be in sagittarius from december 3rd to december 28th so that's the time when you will be moving out from the place or shifting out maybe uh going to the high rise towers you know that is what mercury is about so there is a lot of uh there a lot of chance of speculative income a lot of chance of starting off education initiation of romance also is quite Palm Leaf Astrology all these are Palm Leaf Astrology but yes why because you have to check your natal chart you have to check your dasha but these are your lognacious transit movements

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So you must know the overview about all this okay coming to the ah for you uh om is the best chant i can uh offer so you have to do it 108 times on wednesdays or every day okay whichever is comfortable to you at least on wednesdays chant this 108 times coming to the next sign that is libra for libra natives uh rahu ketu are changing signs ketu is going to be over your first Nadi Astrology Centre and rahu is going to be over your seventh not many changes happening whenever major Online Nadi Jothidam change signs they bring about major changes whatever you have not been able to do this will bring about sudden changes this will bring about changes that you didn't even call for or it will be Palm Leaf Astrology

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You know uh what happened suddenly things changed those kind of scenario you know they happen when major Online Nadi Jothidamary positions change and especially in the kendra Online Nadi Astrology is changing signs back and forth in your fourth and fifth Nadi Astrology Centres so this will also bring about a lot of changes in your education in your planning in your work in your at your place of work maybe people change and planning for your progeny romance all that will happen Online Nadi Astrology is not that Online Nadi Jothidam Online Nadi Astrology is a very cold Online Nadi Jothidam but you yourself you know are venetian sign Online Nadi Astrology for Online Nadi Astrology people Online Nadi Astrology

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Are Online Nadi Astrology is a yogurkara brand for Online Nadi Astrology science Online Nadi Astrology is the yogurt so when Online Nadi Astrology is in the fourth Nadi Astrology Centre even if it is a kantakashani it is going to give you very not very bad results you you will be changing place will be changing job elevation is there but it's a vacuum this is vacuum that oh you're not feeling that kind of result you're not acknowledging that results that you are getting you feel that there is something amiss there's something missing there's something lacking all those things you will be going through and being when Online Nadi Astrology is transiting your fourth Nadi Astrology Centre Online Nadi Astrology will be in your fifth Nadi Astrology Centre uh also and uh that is of course that's the time when you will be having a lot of changes again

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At the place of work people will start acknowledging your work and that's happening on the 29th of april and then again we'll be moving backwards and we'll be coming back to your fourth Nadi Astrology Centre on july 12th so these are the times when you have to be very careful about what you want in life ah there is a transition which is happening maybe you know you have to plan your travels you have to plan your education higher education so or maybe you're you're buying your place you're not too happy all that you have to be really confirmed you have to be very that conviction has to be there from within that is what Online Nadi Astrology energy is about and mars of course is also going to be joining the zone so you will have a lot of uh zeal and energy will start

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Something you know things with a lot of zeb but ultimately you know it fizzles out so that happens because of your you know your your your very you get bored very easily so you'll change the line you know suddenly you change everything the line of whatever you have opted for um k2 energy over your first Nadi Astrology Centre will bring about a lot of maybe headaches uh take care of your health take care of your well-being take care of your physique uh you can have some eruptions on your body which you have to take care of get the treatment done don't just leave it loose you know just don't take it lightly do things in a very uh you know serious manner and also relationship because this is a sign of relationship so harmony ketu is a detaching energy when it is there on the first Nadi Astrology Centre

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Palm Leaf Astrology the hairdo is completely overdue or it it is Palm Leaf Astrology you don't Palm Leaf Astrology it so that can happen that's the key to energy or it can just detach you from the whole world or maybe you know in the current scenario you know you're working from home so you're detached from your friends you're detached from your people so that is also a forced attachment rahu energy is in the seventh Nadi Astrology Centre so maybe your partner changes the profession line of job or maybe you know you your partner has in your spouse or you want to get into a relationship a stable relationship but you're not able to because rahu energy you know is a very um vague energy it is not a very confirmed kind of an energy yes it will give you good results or it will give you bad results when you know that Online Nadi Astrology is going to be good it's going to be good but with rahu and ketu