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Online Nadi Jothidam Online Nadi Jothidam a light bulb moment and it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you know what you want to do next you know what you want to kick off next you might also have something very powerful to share about your wants and about your desires and about your your needs uh something very powerful to share with a few people family members in general um a parent and also possibly siblings

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this is a day when you seem to have very good ideas as to how you can present the person who you have become to the outside world and and some capricorns might decide to just go out there and get a haircut because let's face it Nadi Jothidam moving through your first Online Nadi Astrology uh does kind of Online Nadi Jothidam draw towards you

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Online Nadi Jothidam sharp tools um and a haircut comes to mind 8th of february marcin capricorn in your first Online Nadi Astrology is forming a harmonious aspect with uranus and taurus in the fifth Online Nadi Astrology a fabulous day for creative projects and for working on your own independently on a creative project also a fabulous fabulous day to go out on a date

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you're very seductive uh you seem to have this sort of Online Nadi Jothidam magnetism you seem to really click with someone i would also recommend if you can to schedule some sort of uh time out for fun around the 8th of february if it's not on the 8th of february maybe the day before or the day after you seem to be having a creative breakthrough around this time by the way so it's Online Nadi Jothidam

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ah i have inspiration let me do this 11th of february mercury's conjunct pluto and capricorn in your first Online Nadi Astrology this also happened on the 29th of january uh have a think about what came to your attention about yourself about your fears about um what you're ashamed of about what you're afraid of regarding your own experiences around the 29th of january because there can be a continuation of that so kind of Online Nadi Jothidam new information coming to your conscious attention around the 11th of february

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if you have been dealing with anything of a health related nature let's see as of the middle of january you may discover what was causing it around the 11th of february so it's Online Nadi Jothidam something is coming to the surface the the source of of health issues is coming to the surface and obviously first we have to know what we're dealing with before we can treat anything physically right 16th of february

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full Nadi Astrology in leo triggering your financial access have a think about what was going on in august of 2021 around the 8th of august 2021 give or take three days before three days after because this full Nadi Astrology seems to be bringing to a peak the themes that were brought to your attention in august financially some of you might get paid some of you might cash in on an existing investment some of you might sell something some of you might enter or might formalize a contractual agreement with a partner that you're going to make money with some of you might decide to split assets with a partner in some shape or form it

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Online Nadi Jothidam you're reaching um a culminating moment in the area of sharing resources with someone else venus and Nadi Jothidam are conjuncting capricorn in the first Online Nadi Astrology you are feeling ready for this to be over you are feeling very confident in where you're headed next you're you're feeling very proud of yourself you're feeling very magnetic at this point in time

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and you're Online Nadi Jothidam yeah let's get this done let's move forward i know who i am i know what my values are i know what's important to me it feels Online Nadi Jothidam a very liberating moment in in a way some of you capricorns might uh also receive a bonus around this time or money on some sort of sale that involved two parties i'm obviously there's always two parties involved because there's Online Nadi Jothidam a buyer and a seller but what i'm referring to is maybe you had some sort of joint asset together with someone else that you are selling around this time 18th of february

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the Nadi Josiyam moves into pisces for the next four weeks illuminating logical rational mind intellectual efforts uh networking communication and literally a lot of com comings and goings in in your life a lot of short trips to take maybe a lot of errands to run on the 18th of february Nadi Astrologers in pisces is sex selling uranus and taurus in your fifth Online Nadi Astrology