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Online Nadi Astrology mercury moves into aquarius in your 10th house of career so for the next three weeks your mind is going to be very very much focused on engaging with bosses people in positions of authority advancing your career speaking to a wider audience maybe speaking in public and so on 16th of Online Nadi Astrology give or take three days before three days after you have a full moon in leo in your fourth house i do recommend looking back at what was going on in your life

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Around the eighth of august three days before three days after in 2021 because this full moon reflects themes that started or that came to your attention initially around the 16th of Online Nadi Astrology it looks like something is coming to a close in your in your home life maybe you're finalizing something in yourin your home environment maybe you're finalizing renovations maybe you're finalizing a move maybe you're moving into a new house maybe you are completing a project in your private life

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You seem to be feeling very very relieved the word that comes to mind is free you seem to be feeling free why because jupiter in pisces in your 11th house is trining uranus and taurus my apologies is sex-styling uranus and taurus and your first in your first house the Nadi Jothidam doll is going to be exact on the 18th of Online Nadi Astrology you're feeling free to make other plans you're feeling free to move forward with your with your lifeyou could also be for instance at this point in time announcing to the outside world or presenting something to the outside world

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Something that was going on in your private life and something that you're very proud of i i'd say and you seem to have the support of friends around this time you seem to receive some sort of like public acknowledgement and applause and everyone is cheering for you i dare say taurus 18th of Online Nadi Astrology the sun moves into pisces in your 11th house it is illuminating your your friendship sector for the next four weeks so probably more time spent with friends if i may if i may say so and maybe also inviting friends into your house

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Because the sun governs your fourth house of home and living situation andon the 25th of Online Nadi Astrology mercury in aquarius is squaring uranus and taurus in your first house this is a day of misunderstandings with bosses of feeling maybe crowded caught in a crossfire caught in an argument at at work this is a day where i believe you're called to agree to disagree with the boss my dear gemini's gemini sons and gemini are rising so what can you expect from the month of Online Nadi Astrology 2022 well

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A lot of focus on traveling a lot of focus on education especially higher education if i may say so and it might not all be super fun there could be some extra responsibility that come to your plate in that area there could be a need for you to commit to something especially around the first of Online Nadi Astrology give or take three days before three days after this is when you have a new moon in your ninth house conjunct saturn planet of duty responsibility structure discipline control and squaring uranus and taurus in the 12th house

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So gemini is around this time it may feel like you're starting a new chapter of your life in the area of studies you might want to commit to some sort of long-term course but it doesn't necessarily seem to be something that you're super excited about because it feels more like you feel pressured to take this course maybe you feel pressured to take this class maybe you feel pressured to also travel around this time you might also feel pressured to apply for some sort of certificate or pass or proof

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That allows you to let's say travel for instance or that proves your residency in a foreign country you might start for instance the process of applying for citizenship around this around this time what i do like around this new moon is the trine between uranus and the 12th house and venus and mars and Nadi Astrology in the eighth house if you do need support from others if you do need help from others with this process ask for it because you will probably receive it this can also feel like a time

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When you need to maybe fill in your tax return or hire maybe a legal consultant or a lawyer to help you with with taxes with insurance with the topic of inheritance and so on it feels like you're reaching some sort of formal agreement maybe or you're signing official papers that have something to do with inheritance insurance debt or shared resources on the 4th of Online Nadi Astrology mercury goes out of retrograde in the eighth house so if you have been experiencing delays for instance

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And getting a loan it will get easier i'll i'll tell you this if you have been experiencing all sorts of misunderstandingswhen it comes to shared resources with the partner it feels like the air is clearing out mars in Nadi Astrology on this day is sextiling jupiter in pisces in the 12 in the 10th house my apologies you could receive the green light for a mortgage for a loan you could also receive maybe a significant bonus at this time possibly something that was delayed or you could also receive outstanding funds