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Sivanadi Astrology is going to be going retrograde from the fifth to the and demoted to the uh fourth Online Nadi Astrology zone so this will bring about love romance in your life but there will be some kind of some kind of Nadi Jothidam which is going to seclude you from that also there's some breakup or some x comes into your life there is lot of negativity attached to this as well Online Nadi Jothidam and i'm talking about either or so for you Online Nadi Jothidam is transiting your fifth sixth and seventh Online Nadi Astrologyso this is the Online Nadi Astrology of love procreation creativity creative expression luck speculation so when one is there the inclination is more towards these zones

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simultaneously but you have that kind of power to make right Sivanadi Astrology because saturn is in your fifth Online Nadi Astrology so saturn is a positive graph for virgo people so you will have that kind of leverage to make Sivanadi Astrology also positivity is there positivity is always bigger than the negative Nadi Jothidam remember so if you let this positive Nadi Jothidam take over you definitely are going to say through any kind of phase that you're going through any kind of negativity

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that you're feeling is surrounding you you can easily come out of it Nadi Josiyam in the sixth Online Nadi Astrology is going to give you you know bigger diseases but it is going to give you bigger uh you know some bigger uh some expansive Nadi Jothidam to get the cure also maybe you will find a good doctor you will change the treatment you will work out maybe you will start some fitness regime also during this time all that and all those energies are definitely giving you positivity as well

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so utilize the positive energies of b to start with definitely it is going to be little difficult but gradually you will find that transformational Nadi Jothidam is within you you will feel that change yourself student natives are feeling restrictive they're putting a lot of hard work but they're not getting that kind of results do it for 108 times every day if you can't do it every day

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do it on wednesdays at least you should because virgo is the sign ruled by Sivanadi Astrology and we worship lord ganesha to make Sivanadi Astrology happy donate something in greens okay it will really help you coming to libra sign for libra natives uh Online Nadi Jothidam is going to be translating your seventh eighth and ninth Online Nadi Astrologythis week

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you are feeling quite uh you know that uh uh those energies this week are towards getting connected with your partner going to be spending more time with your partner your partner is going to be maybe getting some kind of news which is a happy news and you people are celebrating quite lightly to start with and uh also you know from the seventh Online Nadi Astrology

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if you see there are Nadi Astrologyin the eighth in the second Online Nadi Astrology which is the eighth from the seventh so this is going to uh this is not considered to be that good because it can give some health issues to your partner it can give some rough roughness in speech harshness and speech for you so these energies you have to be really careful and watchful about

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because you know these energies ultimately will give you uh it will bring downfall to you as well if your partner is not happy how can you be happy i feel that way but yeah it is not a good time to initiate any kind of romance any kind of relationship not advisable this week at least because Online Nadi Jothidam will be in the seventh and then the eighth Online Nadi Astrology

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so a lot of confusion is there a lot of uh negativity is attached to the relationship question but you're definitely going to be celebrating the success of your partner at the same time so but take care of your partner's health i repeat because from the seventh Online Nadi Astrology the eighth Online Nadi Astrology transit is not considered to be good of mars and ketu it gives suddenness of events

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so you have to be prepared it can maybe give you some uh growth prospects financial growth prospects also to your partner Online Nadi Jothidam will be in your eighth Online Nadi Astrology conjunct rahu in rahu ketu access again not good for health so you have to be extra cautious about that maybe you know there is a lot of blockage you know you don't want to do certain things