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Online Nadi Astrologer aries 2 3rd may taurus june 18th gemini july 13th cancer august Online Nadi Jothidam leo august 31st virgo september Online Nadi Astrology libra october 18th scorpio november 11th sagittarius december 5th and capricorn december 29th aquarius it enters on january 20 22 22 2023 okay so uh Nadi Astrology of course we know every Online Nadi Joshiyam will be changing signs so we'll be entering capricorn on january Online Nadi Astrology it's in sagittarius

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Still so that is why it is called the karmas you can't perform any religious activities aquarius entering uh on the 13th of feb and pisces march 15th aries april Online Nadi Astrology taurus may 15th gemini june 15th cancer 16 july leo august Online Nadi Jothidam virgo september Online Nadi Jothidam libra october Online Nadi Jothidam scorpio november 16th sagittarius december 16th capricorn july january 14 2023 so that is the cycle it covers and that is why it touches all the Shivanadi Astrologys

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Uh and the dates are very important because when you are studying your own chart you should know where the Shivanadi Astrologys are Online Nadi Jothidam will be entering till 16th of january is going to be in sagittarius so that's a little precarious time so you must take care um because uh you know it is uh in scorpio sign with ketu in rahu to access we have to be careful till then because it's like quite a volatile kind of an energy Online Nadi Jothidam enters capricorn on feb 26 aquarius april Online Nadi Jothidam i see Online Nadi Jothidam may aries Online Nadi Astrologer june taurus august 10 geminis october 16th orders november 13th

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Gemini march 13th then Online Nadi Astrology enters aquarius on april 29 Online Nadi Jothidam capricorn again in july Online Nadi Astrology on july Online Nadi Astrology because it's going to go retrograde i'll share the retrograde dates also and finally on Online Nadi Jothidam of january 2023 in aquarius two and a half years Online Nadi Astrology entered in aquarius or sign on november 20th we all know that i've made the Online Nadi Jothidamo please go back and watch that Online Nadi Jothidamo as well

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And enters by seas on the april 13 and enters aries on april 22 2023 rahu enters aries march Online Nadi Jothidam this is true rahu i must tell you now there's a story behind this also because you know it is the true movement so it will be getting direct also for a couple of days every Online Nadi Joshiyam so that is why it is very erratic so when it when we are it is very essential to check the position of rahu when it is going direct for a couple of days um and that's the time you know you will feel

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Uh the events happening or globally uh the major ones when there are okay to become direct so that's a very important point to be noted and rahu enters pisces on november 30th 2023 so from march Online Nadi Jothidam to november 30th it's going to be in aries sign and uh opposite of it is ketu okay Online Nadi Astrology enters on 2nd january that is going to be tomorrow when i'm making this Online Nadi Jothidamo and enters bhadra on second march i have made a Online Nadi Jothidamo on shattered vishal transit of Online Nadi Astrology please go back and watch that as well enter spices on 13th april udrabadra on 28th april revati

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On Online Nadi Astrology february 2023 and it is going to be moving retrograde uh in pisces on 29th july Online Nadi Jothidam till the Online Nadi Astrology of november Online Nadi Astrology is going to be in pisces only it's not coming back to the previous sign so Online Nadi Astrology enters the anishina on the Online Nadi Jothidam of february and enters the aquarius on 29th april and starts moving it's still in shravana remember starts moving in retrograde in aquarius on 5th of june and enters capricorn on Online Nadi Astrology of july starts moving forward in capricorn on the 23rd of october

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And is going to be entering aquarius finally on the Online Nadi Jothidam of january enters on 1 Online Nadi Astrology of march 2023 Online Nadi Astrology now coming to the tara Online Nadi Astrology is going to be means combustion it's like a sanghada can't be visible so Online Nadi Astrology is going to be uh for 34 days uh going to get combust so that is from january Online Nadi Astrology till february Online Nadi Astrologer so this is a very important transit why because uh this is a very important event why because Online Nadi Astrology is the karma karak and it represents the masses so the authorities will be actually

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You know getting too much heavy on these masses so when Online Nadi Astrology is combust so Nadi Astrology combusts all the Shivanadi Astrologys we know that so when Online Nadi Astrology is astha is combust so that means the qualities of Online Nadi Astrology whatever effort you're putting will not be recognized by the authorities or maybe the authorities will supersede so be careful about these energies mercury gets often why because it's very close to Nadi Astrology

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So that gets combust on the jet first one is on january 18th till january 30th so for 12 days then next would be on march Online Nadi Astrology this is very important again because when mercury's combust your communication gets hit it suffers so uh maybe you know the qualities of mercury get uh suffered so that is how you know it impacts the market trends also it's very important to check the mercury combustion also so make a note of these dates mercury is going to be again getting compressed on march Online Nadi Astrology till the april 12 for 30 days and again gets uh combust from may 13th till june 9th for 27 days