Precaution Note

A Precaution Note to our esteemed clients wants to consult through our Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Astrology Centre.

  • While you are on the way to our Nadi Astrology Centre Auto or Taxi driver, Local Guides, Volunteers, Temple Priests would divert you to some other nadi astrology centre and when you ask about this they would say that this is the place you were searching for.

  • Moreover to cut off the communication between you and our office staff they would ask you politely and tactically to switch-off your cell phones.

  • When enquire about our Nadi Astrology Centre to such guides or volunteers they would say that this Nadi Astrology Centre is closed, place is changed or any other false reasons.

  • The clients who consult nadi astrology for the first time such guides or volunteers would say that the nadi astrology centre where they directing you would charge cheaper for consultation and also say that they are taking you to the nadi centre which runs under the Vaitheeswaran Temple Administration.

  • The persons at the hotels, food outlets, lodges and other shops at vaitheeswaran koil surrounding would also misdirect you to any other nadi centre.

  • Such Intermediaries, volunteers, guides or intruders are seen at bus terminus, railway station, and temple entrance throughout the day in plenty. Such intermediaries / intruders would be experts in brainwashing you, cheat you and misdirect you by their tactical, polite and their sweet talks.

  • Hence we humbly request our esteemed clients to keep our pamphlet containing our address and phone numbers with you and while entering the Nadi Astrology Centre please ensure and confirm that the address and contact details mentioned in the pamphlet and the address you reached are same or not. All these precautions are for your safety only.