Prashna Kandam

Online Prashna Kandam

So what is online Prashna Kandam mean? Here is the solution “The Naadi Question Chapter”
Thousand year’s age, with the help of divine knowledge and focused vision about the future, millions of unborn babies records were recorded on the palm leaves in precise words by ancient maharishees. That ancient record is called as Naadi Astrology.
The following details will be considered at Naadi Astrology which isas follows:
1. Name of the person
2. Time of birth
3. Place of Birth
Only if a person’s Naadi-patti is read, the required details about the future developments would be known. That concerned person may ask about only 5 questions to obtain accurate guidance from the chapter. These 5 questions can be asked through visiting us or through email or Skype as per the need.

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