Legacy of Marathas

The ‘exact science’ of Naadi Jodhidam (Jotish) is perhaps complex to decode but the mystic glory continues to cast light on those who seek to explore the future. Safeguarding Dharma or righteousness for the prosperity of the society is the very reason why ‘Naadi’ continues to exist to this day from the ancient times. Marathas, being intense admirers and true patrons of Arts, Science, Medicine, Vedas, and Astrology etc were deeply inspired to preserve the manuscripts in the famous Saraswati Mahal Library.

It was those days when Tamil Nadu was still under the Maratha rule established by his majesty Sri. Venkoji Maharaja in the year 1676 with Tanjore as the Head Quarters. The Marathas had control over the Sanskrit works, including those relating to Naadi Astrology until the British took over in 1798 under Robert Clive’s governance in Chennai Presidency. It was under the efforts of king Sarabhoji Maharaja that these Sanskrit works have been translated into an old poetic language of Tamil. Thus the motivation of Marathas and their contribution for the sustenance of Naadi Astrology as it exists today is highly commendable.

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