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Legacy of Marathas

The 'correct science' of Naadi Jodhidam (Jotish) is maybe unpredictable to decipher yet the spiritualist wonderfulness keeps on throwing light on the individuals who look to investigate what's to come. Defending Dharma or exemplary nature for the thriving of the general public is the very motivation behind why "Naadi" keeps on existing right up 'til today from the antiquated circumstances. Marathas, being extreme admirers and genuine benefactors of Arts, Science, Medicine, Vedas, and Astrology and so on were profoundly roused to protect the original copies in the acclaimed Saraswati Mahal Library.

It was those occasions when Tamil Nadu was still under the Maratha run set up by his greatness Sri. Venkoji Maharaja in the year 1676 with Tanjore as the Head Quarters. The Marathas had control over the Sanskrit works, including those identifying with Naadi Astrology until the point when the British assumed control in 1798 under Robert Clive's administration in Chennai Presidency. It was under the endeavors of lord Sarabhoji Maharaja that these Sanskrit works have been converted into an old graceful dialect of Tamil. In this manner the inspiration of Marathas and their commitment for the sustenance of Naadi Astrology as it exists today is exceedingly honorable.

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