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Fee Particulars

For customers who visit directly to our Sivanadi Jyothishyalayam, the fee structure will be as follows:

Entry Fee: Rs. 100/-(Offline Customer's) , Rs 500/-(Online Customer's)

Entry fee for Foreign Country Clients = US$ 12


The entry fee is charged only to find the nadi leaf, which gives your astrology life cycle.

Types of Nadi Offered and Fee Structure:

Siva Sukshma Nadi :Rs. 1,550/-:NA
 Tulya Nadi:Rs. 3,050/-:55 US$
Maha Sukshma Nadi :Rs. 6,050/-:110 US$
 Athi Sukshma Nadi:Rs. 9,050/-:165 US$
 Sukshmathi Sukshma Nadi:Rs. 15,050/-:265 US$
 Sukshmathi Sukshma Kudumba Kandam:Rs. 30,050/-:530 US$


Agasthya Nadi Offer Details :

Agasthya Nadi :Rs. 1,000/-:NA
Agasthya Thulliya Nadi :Rs. 2,000/-:40 US$
Agasthya Sukshma Nadi :Rs. 3,500/-:70 US$
Agasthya AdiSukshma Nadi :Rs. 5,500/-:110 US$
Agasthiya Sukshmathi Sukshma Kandam:Rs. 8,500/-:160 US$
Agasthiya Sukshmathi Sukshma Kudumba Kandam:Rs. 17,500/-:325 US$


Note***: The above said fee structures are only applicable to the customers who directly visits our branches at Vaitheeswaran Koil, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vijayawada and Malayasia