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Online Consulting Procedure

  • First of all, you need to send your thumb impression through WhatsApp +91 99633 34337 (left for ladies and right for gents) or through SKYPE to sivaguruswamy29 or through Email tosivaguruswamy1@gmail.com along with proof of entry fees deposit (Refer Currency Rate Card for Entry Fee Amount).

  • As we get your thumb impression and entry fee we will sit with you through SKYPE and trace out the palm leave that contains your future predictions.

  • Once we trace out the palm leave that contains about your future predictions you have to deposit the amount for prediction according to the package you choose (Refer Currency Rate Card for Package Details and Amount) and once we receive the charges for prediction we will sit with you through Online / SKYPE and interpret the predictions and send the MP3 recording of the predictions through email.

Refer the Rate Card to Know About Packages & Charges

Country wise currency rate card

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