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    Miraculous Institutional Power – How Was It Possible

    During the ancient days Maharishis & Saints had Miraculous Institutional Power and hence they were able to predict a Native’s future happenings. How was it possible?

    Let us explain through an example.

    An ancient poetry written by a Great maharishi describes a formula to find out how many lobes there would be inside a Jack Fruit.

    The poetry details that “When you count the pins around the stem of a Jack Fruit and multiply it by six and divide that with 5 you would get the exact numbers of Lobes inside a Jack Fruit”.

    Doesn’t it sound miraculous?

    The same way the Great Maharishis were able to predict the future life, longevity and even the next birth of a Native by looking out the patterns of lines of his thumb impression.

    My humble opinion about Nadi Astrology is – It Is Not a MythologyIt Is A Science !!!

    What’s your opinion?

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