• Introduction To Nadi Shashtra

    During ancient days there were Great Saints & Maharishis who had great power of intuition, the insight of great wisdom through which they had the intuitional power to evaluate the past life happenings, present life and foresee the future life. Such Saintly Maharishis were known as “Trikaal Gyani” in Sanskrit.

    Such Great Saintly Maharishis with their insight-wisdom & power of Intuition facilitate were able to evaluate the future based on the different patterns of thumb impressions of a native. To ensure the smooth sailing of the life of every individual of the coming generations such Great Saintly Maharishis have gifted us the treasure of such astrological articles in poetic form using the palm leave. Such scripts written in palm leaves by Great Saintly Maharishis were known as Nadi Leaves and the predictions made through such palm-scripts are known as Nadi Shashtra or Nadi Astrology.

    Each palm leave bears the basic information of an individual such as the native’s name, parent’s name, spouse name, number of children, number of siblings, date of birth and pattern of the thumb impression and its characteristics.

    The origin of Nadi Shashtra or Nadi Astrology is basically from Vaitheeswaran Koil, Tamil Nadu. It is believed that such Great Saintly Maharishis lived here almost 5000 years ago, and gifted their treasure of astrology to the forth coming generation. A few of such Nadi Shashtra written by such Saintly Maharishis are AGASTHIYA NADI, SHIVA NADI, KAGA BUJANDAR NADI, KOWSIKA NADI, VASHISHTA NADI, BIRUGU NADI etc.

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